Writings by Thomas Adam Hill NOVELS

AMERICA was the first highly stylized romantic poetic novella written by Thomas Adam Hill  T Adam Hill  Tom Hill. Highly visual and imagistic, it takes place in Atlanta, the first scene occurring near the golden dome of the state capitol. It traces seven weeks in which the narrator and a young woman named America meet again and spend time together. The character Moses, a blues player, is a great story in itself, and symbolizes their love. They meet in various places, The Underground, An Observatory of a Science Center, and Stone Mountain, where America like an Ayn Rand character generally manages to expound on serious issues such as politics, science, the economy, and art. Through all of it he loves here for her beauty, inside and out. Following in the tradition of many first books like Dante's La Vita Nuova, Joyce's Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, or Gide's White Notebooks, AMERICA is lushly naive, poetic and visionary, a stunned young man dazed by Radiant Beauty. 

AN INDIAN ON A WHITE PONY IN THE CITY OF DREAMS, or simply, CITY OF DREAMS, is a bildungsroman of Swan Hill (or David Adam Bluecloud), tracing his spiritual, moral, psychological and social development and growth, from his arrival in New York, to the day years later when he leaves. Through the people he meets, Carlos Flores, Randolph Hock, Afifa, Tranquility Agent #27, Luisa L'Hotsky the NEITSCHEAN SUPERWOMAN and things that happen like the men literally stuck in the web of her dwelling, husbands and boyfriends, his and the reader's awareness is heightened. As in all of T Adam Hill novels, the use of song lyrics convey a soundtrack to the landscape, a landscape beautiful and so descriptively rich, that our eyes, our beings are swept up into the stories and we ride along with the characters, part of the gang. A triumphant romp through New York at once timeless and specific, in the hey day of punk and new wave.

WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS is a Kunstlerroman of Swan Hill, the twist and turns his life takes as an artist and musician. The story is set in Atlanta, Georgia, and unveils stories of people and characters that he meets along the way as a musician playing all over the South. Some stories are told fairly straightforward, while other chapters employ very modern abstract writing. As in all the writings of Thomas Adam Hill, each chapter stands alone as a short story in and of itself. 

Notable characters and chapters include ALBINO HERMAPHRODITE MONKEY GIRL, and THE BICYCLE RIDE OF WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR. Characters Anton Cosmos, Sandra Jessel, Sonya Himmelreiter and Johnny Zen highlight the book. Chapters MASOCHISTIC METEOROLOGIST, DOCTOR BRAIN DRAIN OR PAGING DOCTOR LEE, and CHAPTER 69 DEBBIE'S CHAPTER, and TV MADE ME DO IT,  are notable for their wacked out sense of humor, exposing the seamy underbelly and weaknesses of our civilization. Also interesting are the use of songs, lyrics in the course of the story that act and sound like a soundtrack for the book. It is very clear that T Adam Hill employs techniques of stream of consciousness writing like Jack Kerouac and the imagistically abstract style of William Burroughs.

A serious artistic probing into our society, unraveling what matters from the unimportant.  A visual delight of a trip through stories and places and people that grips our attention almost cinematically. Today's writing, in today's English, at it's finest.

All three novels form a trilogy known as THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF SWAN HILL.

The Collected Poetry of Thomas Adam Hill from 1975-2000.
Love Poetry, Erotic Poetry, Inspirational Poetry, Visionary Explorations,
Gritty Realism, Philadelphia, New York and The South. 1000-3000 poems, depending on edition.

A visionary wandering sometimes lighting on pure brilliance, and other times just wandering around in the mundane way that we do every day, and then again, wham,
you're off on some adventure in a pure poetic realm, The Sacred Feminine, The Zen All and None, Cloudy Dreams and Lemon Slice Moons, and Cosmic Dance infused with Eastern Thought and Philosophy. Great Poetry that reads as easily as Highway Signs. Includes Love Poetry, Erotic Poetry, Exotic Poetry, Inspirational Poetry, Transcendent Writings, Visionary Explorations, and Gritty Realism. Regarded by some as T Adam Hill's highest state of consciousness. 


Thomas Adam Hill grew up in the South of 50's America, and came of age in the 60's and 70's. Attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Worked as a teacher, bartender, book store clerk in the Terminal Market, where the smell of fish and carrot juice, and books coexisted, and in the seamy section in the shadow of city hall, where "the clocks shone down like panther's eyes" on the massage parlors and transvestites and bus stations of Philadelphia. He was a publishing company flunkie and an Advertising Executive in New York, and a carpenter and project manager for major renovations in New York and Atlanta. "Put the Zen In It." is one of his favorite phrases. He has also worked and played extensively as a songwriter and musician. "I'm no saint... I've done it all, and lived to tell about it," he is fond of saying. Hmmmm. We can only imagine.

In his Sunhouse Studios, he has recorded everything from Film Scores and Real Estate Seminars, to Rock, Hip Hop, and Cajun CDs. Writing has always been his true passion. A true renaissance man, with mystical visions, T Adam Hill comes from the lineage of Dante, Li Po, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, William Blake, the Romantic Poets, the Pre-Raphaelites, Delta Blues and Southern Roots Music, and the Beat Generation, thrust out here into the 21st Century. A much welcome reminder of human warmth in this highly technological age.  

Some of these writings have appeared previously in print, on television, on radio, and on the web. Having lived at times the rogue wastrel minstrel life, he has emerged with insights and a deep understanding of life that is reflected in the beautiful flow of words, images, and language of his writing. 

Again, for the light of heart, we issue this warning. These writings contain language  graphic and explicit in character, not violent images or language, which is allowed even on television, but of a sexual nature, which some may deem offensive. Reader take note. However, also be reminded, when used, these passages are meant to evoke and create art and poetry of the highest caliber.  In the writer's mind, he has achieved this. He hopes you, Dear Reader, will agree.